Untitled Miami Beach 2017
December 5-10


Sterling Crispin

N.A.N.O. , B.I.O. , I.N.F.O. , C.O.G.N.O. , 2015
Aluminum Server Rack, Cat 6 Ethernet Cables, Zip Ties, Laser Cut Acrylic, Raspberry Pi MicroComputer and Keyboard, Emergency Food Rations, Lifesaver Jerry Can with 2 Year Nanoscale Water Filter, 100 Shares of Publicly Traded Companies ( N.A.N.O.: Altair Nanotech Inc., B.I.O.: Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc, I.N.F.O.: RIT Technologies LTD, C.O.G.N.O.: Intellect Neurosciences Inc)
40 x 98 x 25 in each