Camille Hoffman & Asif Mian to participate in Queens International 2018

Camille Hoffman | Link

"During the past four years and over the course of my many moves around New York and New Haven, I’ve found myself scouring local dollar stores in search of affordable fragments of home. The nostalgia of printed plastics that permeated the landscape my intercultural childhood and continue to pervade the needs of my daily living. My identification with and dependency on these materials are inextricably linked to my memories of growing up in a working class home, while at a larger environmental scale, threaten the very water and land upon which my life depends. Living in midst of this cultural and environmental contradiction, my collage practice has become a ceremony of reconfiguration and critical reflection on the themes of diaspora, domesticity and disposability. In this regard, I think about volumes as both an accumulation of disparate and layered narratives, both personal and collective, and the way in which these narratives materially amount to mass."


Asif Mian | Link

"Volume is integral to sculpture and installation: it is based in the amount of space a substance or object occupies. However, in many ways I wanted to create the opposite—an ethereal volume—one that is transient and slippery. The live camera creates this virtual volume as an unseen and ghostly substance."