Asif Mian Awarded LMCC Workspace Residency

A nine-month studio residency program that focuses on creative practice development for emerging artists working across all disciplines, LMCC’s Workspace program offers space for experimentation and dialogue with peers and arts professionals, as well as career-advancement opportunities. Workspace encourages creative risk-taking, collaboration, learning and skill-sharing at a critical early stage of an artist’s career and serves between 15 and 20 individuals or collaborative groups annually.

False Flag and Pacific release "Jasper Johns Vs Brian Ramnarine" at Printed Matter's NY Art Book Fair

THE NY Art Book Fair

Preview: Thursday, September 20, 6-9pm.
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Pacific | 3rd Floor

Pages from FALSE FLAG_AT_A05.jpg

Slated for release at the 2018 New York Art Book Fair, Jasper Johns Vs Brian Ramnarine is a facsimile publication comprised of partially-redacted evidence used by the United States Attorney’s Office to convict Ramnarine of multiple felonies in 2014. Included among the contents - all of which were obtained through a FOIA request - are fabricated correspondence between Ramnarine and Johns, fake letters of authenticity, and images of the artist’s work which Ramnarine forged and attempted to sell.

Billy Jacobs in Emergency Contacts at Product/81 creative lab

Emergency Contacts
Emergency Contacts is an exhibition based on a collection of written correspondence between two psychoanalysts:  Jamieson Webster & Marcus Coelen. 

Jenna Balfe
Felix Bernstein & 
Gabriel Rubin
Annie Blazejack &
Geddes Levenson
Leo Castaneda
Jim Drain
Melissa Dubbin & 
Aaron S. Davidson
Alex Golden
Billy Jacobs
nova Milne
Freya Powell
Alan Reid
Sandy Smiles

Opening Reception: 
Friday, September 14 at 7pm
Artist Roundtable at 5pm

Camille Hoffman & Asif Mian to participate in Queens International 2018

Camille Hoffman | Link

"During the past four years and over the course of my many moves around New York and New Haven, I’ve found myself scouring local dollar stores in search of affordable fragments of home. The nostalgia of printed plastics that permeated the landscape my intercultural childhood and continue to pervade the needs of my daily living. My identification with and dependency on these materials are inextricably linked to my memories of growing up in a working class home, while at a larger environmental scale, threaten the very water and land upon which my life depends. Living in midst of this cultural and environmental contradiction, my collage practice has become a ceremony of reconfiguration and critical reflection on the themes of diaspora, domesticity and disposability. In this regard, I think about volumes as both an accumulation of disparate and layered narratives, both personal and collective, and the way in which these narratives materially amount to mass."


Asif Mian | Link

"Volume is integral to sculpture and installation: it is based in the amount of space a substance or object occupies. However, in many ways I wanted to create the opposite—an ethereal volume—one that is transient and slippery. The live camera creates this virtual volume as an unseen and ghostly substance." 


Emilie Gossiaux featured in Voice of America

"You may have heard the saying, 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.' But in some cases - it may be in the hands of the holder. One example is the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, which offers free, special tours for the blind or the partially sighted. They include both guided touch tours and verbal imaging tours. Elena Wolf spoke with one of the museum's guides, Emilie Gossiaux, an artist, who also happens to be blind. Anna Rice narrates her report."

Direct Link

Sterling Crispin at 21c Kansas City, KS

Sterling Crispin's N.A.N.O. , B.I.O. , I.N.F.O. , C.O.G.N.O. included in Refuge. 

21c Kansas City
219 W 9th St
Kansas City, MO 64105

July 2018 – May 2019

"Contemplating how we will pursue a better life in the mid-21st century, Sterling Crispin combines references to ancient symbols and new technology in his survivalist sculptures, N.A.N.O. , B.I.O. , I.N.F.O. , C.O.G.N.O. The works are named after Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Cognitive Science, four industries which the artist says “promise to revolutionize the world as society approaches the technological singularity, a predicted event near the year 2045 in which the rate of technological growth becomes infinite. Each sculpture is meant to be a poetic and evocative embodiment of these four industries as deities or totemic spirits, but also a market embodiment as each sculpture contains a certificate for 100 shares of stock in a real company doing transformative research in these industries. There’s also a use-value vs. market-value conversation in the work with the water filter that can provide clean drinking water for a family of four for two years.” These works were inspired by the artist’s observations of the dichotomies between expanding technological progress and the environmental extremes of frequent fires, draughts, and earthquakes in California. Under these conditions, many people would become environmental refugees; in such a scenario, Crispin’s totems may offer both relief and belief in the possibility of survival."

Billy Jacobs Featured in the Evergreen Review

Five paintings by Billy Jacobs feature in the Evergreen Review's latest issue alongside an excerpt from Antoine Volodine's novel Lisbon, Last Frontier.

The Evergreen Review offers new writing and art from the cutting edges of culture, identity, and politics.  Inspired in part by Henry David Thoreau's blistering essay, "In Defense of John Brown," which is exactly as inflammatory as the title suggests, the current issue includes a span of work, both fiction and non-, that rejects accommodation and passive resistance to right-wing tyranny with impassioned, uncompromising political stances that land on the intersection of individual freedom and collective action.

More from the Evergreen Review can be found here.

Asif Mian and False Flag to feature in NADA's first off-site exhibition: Close Quarters

Asif Mian will be featured in 'Close Quarters' on Governor's Island this July, NADA's first off-site exhibition.

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